Welcome to 2020

A little over ten years ago, in the fall of 2009, all of my friends and friends of friends who were in some sort of garage band at the time decided to hold a concert. It was around Halloween and I remember some folks, myself included, to be in costume. I was dressed as Fred from Scooby Doo.

I don't quite remember why my friends started doing this, it wasn't the first concert they held for our friends, nor was it the last. But I remember this one because I attended sick. As was my girlfriend at the time. I had some sort of cold as was slightly feverish, but not bad enough to stop me from doing the things young people did.

In the apocalyptic red-colored glasses of 2020 this was a terrible idea. For those that don't recall 2009 was the year of the H1N1 outbreak. Obviously there was no way to know that that was or was not going to be the pandemic. We--that is to say humankind--are bad at taking thing seriously until they are very serious. It is very possible that the cold I thought I had was actually H1N1. For the remainder of our relationship, my girlfriend insisted that it was. I pointed out to her repeatedly that I was never tested and therefore it could not be proven. Was there even testing for H1N1? I honestly don't remember.

The last two months have certainly been interesting. I'm not here to talk about COVID-19, there are plenty of places to get information about that. I am here to share some new media, or old media, or just media. I've been consuming more of it and I presume you might be as well. The inspiration for me to write this post has actually been "Where is My Mind" by The Pixies. It's an amazing song that really speaks to me right now and somehow speaks to my emotions...beyond the fact that sometimes I really don't know where my mind is right now. Hopefully you know where yours is. If not let's find them together.

Published: 4/17/2020 10:04 PM in Music

Article by: Noah Wood