A Band Called Arthhur

One of my very best friends from childhood--honestly he's my longest friendship at this point--is musically talented. Little ironic since when we first met, it was I who was the musical talent. Turns out the Guitar is a better instrument to know than a saxophone if you're into rock bands. Who knew?

He started a band called Arthhur somewhat recently with some of my other friends and their music is really good. You should check them out. I've had the honor to be featured in they most recent album in one track, No Results. It's mostly me just making a metric boatload of noise on my sax, but I thought it was fun. Even more honoring was playing a show with the band last week at Cole's in Chicago. I played No Results and in Never Enuff (my favorite track from the album). I hope to get to do it again. and you should definitely listen to the album.

Published: 9/27/2021 6:37 PM in Music

Article by: Noah Wood