I have worked on a number of different projects in my time as a developer and as a hobbiest. Here I want to showcase some of the things I have worked on as well as provide insight into these projects where I can.


As I wrote in a blog post about the app, Furthermark is my attempt at a Markdown editor for Windows 10 UWP.


Monocast is my first UWP application. I like to listen to podcasts when I run. I used to use one of the iPod Nano versions with the clip. About a year ago, it broke and I bought a San Disk product that had a clip and supported podcasts. Relegated to no longer using iTunes to manage my library, I created my own application.

Build Tools Downloader

Build Tools Downloader (BTD) is used to automatically download Build Tools JAR file from Spigot, compile it, and (optionally) run Minecraft. It will also report this information to a text file so that that information can be used to monitor the health of the server as well as the current build of Spigot.

You can find more information on BTD's GitHub Page.